About us

Karset gård has a location that gives you the best eastern Norway has to offer by nature. Karset is idyllically located in Hamar municipality in Innlandet county. The farm is used as a base for various activities, as board and lodging for our guests. Hedmarken offers fantastic opportunities when it comes to an active outdoor life. Therefore, we can offer exciting and healthy activities such as snowshoeing and e-bike tours both summer and winter. We also rent out both e-bikes and snowshoes for those who want to travel on their own. For self-guiding we can create routes in gpx format. All you need is a smartphone with an app that can read digital tracks. Of course, we help so that our guests can easily use their phones for this purpose. Anyone who wants a paper map can also get this.

As mentioned initially, we offer board and lodging on the farm. We then use a separate house for accommodation. This is a small farm located on the forest edge a little north of the main house itself. The house can accommodate up to seven guests located in five different bedrooms. Guests share a bathroom and kitchen, but meals are served in the summer in our restored storehouse on the farm. In winter, we use one of the living rooms on the small farm for food service.
If there are more guests than this, we will be able to provide accommodation somewhere else nearby.

Our tour packages are composed of components that together will give our guests the best possible stay on the farm and in the Hamar region. We focus on wonderful nature experiences, physical activity, good food and accommodation in an area known for its dry inland climate, proper winters with lots of snow and varied nature.

If this can give you a lovely little holiday, perhaps with good friends or family, then you are warmly welcome here as our guest!

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